About Real Estate Investor Community

Community Of Investors

We have a local and nationwide group of real estate investors. This includes people that have been investing for 30+ years all the way down to people who have never invested before and everyone in between.

Daily Webinars

We have a daily webinar Monday - Friday to support our community members. This may be comping properties, asking questions, raising capital, or anything else they might need to move the ball forward each day.

Weekly Masterminds

We have full-time real estate investors that facilitate our masterminds. We come together once a week to mastermind and do deals. This is very powerful and provides an atmosphere for you to work with other like-minded individuals.

Weekly Property Tours

We have a property tour almost every Saturday where we go over deals. We talk about how we found it, funded it, and the exit strategy. You will have an opportunity to ask all of the questions you want.


We have the best of the best education that covers everything you need to know about investing in real estate and building wealth. This education is good for two people and has lifetime access so you don't have to worry about constantly paying for additional education.

Different Strategies

We don't find deals we make deals. Understanding when to use what strategy provides you different options when structuring deals. This allows you to turn almost any property into a deal as long as the seller is willing to be flexible.

Wealth Building

It is great to make a lot of money. And it is also important to keep as much of it as possible and grow it for generations. Learn wealth-building strategies that can set you and your family up for generational wealth.

Tax and Legal

Learn how the wealthy build wealth and mitigate taxes. Understand the legal aspects of business and real estate investing so you can maximize your time and resources.

Monthly Intensive

Join us on a monthly basis as we bring in one of our instructors to train on a different topic. You will have direct access to these instructors and be able to ask all of the questions you want.

National Network

You will be part of a nationwide network of over 32,000 people. This is a powerful network of people that have built communities across the nation.