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Hey There! Zach Oehlman with Valley Investment Club. We are a local real estate investing club that empowers our members to do more deals. We don’t have any gurus or high-pressure sales tactics. We are real investors with the primary focus of investing in real estate. We created this group for people to have a place to learn real estate investing without going to some weekend boot camp where you keep getting upsold. We have created a place where people can come on a weekly basis and meet in person with other like-minded investors. We have weekly masterminds where we do deals (wholesaling, fix and flips, buy and holds, and others) it’s really amazing what happens when you fill a room with people that all are hungry for success. In our masterminds, we have everything you need to go forward with success inside our group, this includes the people that can fund your deals, the buyers, the contractors, the wholesalers.

We have team members that wholesale over 1,000 deals a year, the biggest auction buyer in Maricopa County, all the way down to people that have never invested in real estate before and everyone in between. We have people that invest in about everything you can think of…wholesaling, fix and flips, buy and holds, private notes, tax liens and deeds, foreclosures, REOs, short sales, commercial, multi-family, land development, subject-to, lease options, and more.

We leverage each other’s capital, resources, time, and experience so we can all get more deals done. We are always looking to add like-minded people to our group to expand our reach even further. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how you can work with us fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.